The mission of Think Big Partners is multifaceted, but also singularly focused on creating more successful entrepreneurial outcomes for all stakeholders. Think Big Partners has three main mission statements to aid in the strengthening of the entrepreneurial community not only in the Midwest, but throughout the nation.

To Bring Entrepreneurial Success to the Midwest

Think Big Partners brings a Silicon Valley approach to the Midwest through the funding and advising of new businesses. When companies graduate from the Think Big Partners' percolator program, they will have experienced a rigorous evaluation process in order to contribute to the growing movement toward economic gardening and improving the entrepreneurial community in the Midwest.

To Solve Entrepreneurial Challenges Across the Nation

Think Big Partners works with clients on a consultative basis nationally. With similar expertise and strategic partnerships in place, Think Big Partners delivers niche services to companies seeking faster growth, innovative solutions to problems, and beneficial partners to help them launch their next business venture.

To Connect All Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, and Innovators

Through its strategic partnerships, local and national resource providers, annual Think Big Kansas City conference, and the bizperc coworking space, Think Big Partners is helping connect ideas, opportunities, entrepreneurs and investors across the country.