10 Perks Your Employees Will Love

Written by Laura Goede on . Posted in Start a Business

Everyone loves to be recognized for a job well done. As a small business owner or CEO of a business, you can help your employees feel appreciated and help them become more productive by giving them a few small rewards throughout each year. There are plenty of perks you can offer your employees to keep them working harder, more efficiently and with more passion. The following is a list of 10 great perks that will help keep office morale high.

1. Flexible Hours
Life is complex and stressful. Outside of work, most people are juggling family, friends and numerous activities. Show employees your understanding by allowing them to come in early so that they can get to their child's afternoon recital. If employees are willing to stay late, allow them to come in at noon so they can make their morning doctor appointment. Empower your employees to schedule their own lives so they can concentrate on doing their job. Flexible hours promote a positive work-life balance.

2. Unstructured Time
Outside of the day-to-day job tasks, set aside time for employees to work on their own research projects. Sometimes, the best ideas come from employees. Let them spend portion of their time developing new and improved ideas for your company. Google has experienced tremendous success by implementing the 20% rule in their corporate culture.

3. Dry Cleaning
On-site pickup and return of dry cleaning is easy to arrange and greatly appreciated by employees. Eliminate weekly errands to the dry cleaners for your employees and for yourself. You all can use this free time enjoying the things you really want to do.

4. Work from Home
Consider allowing employees to pick one day every month to work from home. They will appreciate being able to spend the day closer to family and avoid the hassle of commuting to the office.

5. Room to Relax
Make your office an enjoyable place for your employees to work. Have a designated room where employees can kick back, relax and rejuvenate during long workdays. A game room complete with a foosball table, Xbox or Wii system can give employees a place to go to clear their heads during a long workday.

6. Catered Lunch
A popular perk that many companies are beginning to offer is lunch. It is hard not to appreciate a good meal, especially when it is served in convenient proximity to your desk. If you can't swing daily lunch without breaking the bank, consider bringing in pizza every Friday or stocking the break room with an assortment of free beverages and snacks.

7. Gym Memberships
Offering a gym membership can benefit your employees and your company. A healthy and in-shape work force is likely to take less sick days off work. The benefit of exercise is the improvement of employee waistlines in conjunction with the company's bottom line.

8. Premium Parking
Offering a reserved parking spot located in close proximity to the office entrance is an excellent reward. If your employees take public transportation, you can offer to buy an annual bus or train pass.

9. Childcare
Onsite childcare is a beneficial perk that working parents love. Having a daycare or nursery at your company makes moms and dads feel better about going to work. The proximity allows them to visit their kids during breaks and gives them peace of mind.

10. Ask Employees What They Want
During particularly stressful (Article- Be an Entrepreneur – 5 Ways to Manage Stress) times around the office, offer your employees a little extra something to let them know how much you appreciate the extra hours they put in. Have your employees suggest what perks they would like to have. Perks might include office massages, yoga classes or free car washes.

There are plenty of ways to honor your employees' hard work and show them that you are grateful for it. Get creative and take cues from other companies in your industry. Try to tailor your perks to the specific wants and needs of your own employees. Remember: you don't have to spend a lot...it's the thought that counts!