Bridging the Digital Divide and Encouraging Innovation – An interview with FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai

By October 11, 2016 Emerging Technology, Events, News
FCC Commssioner Ajit Pai stops at Think Big during a visit to Kansas City to discuss his Digital Empowerment Agenda

During a recent visit to Kansas City, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai stopped by Think Big to discuss the importance of bridging the digital divide and easing regulation in order to improve access to high-speed internet and spur innovation in lower income and rural areas. Pai touched on a variety of controversial topics including how today’s current regulatory environments impact emerging technologies and innovative businesses like Tesla, Uber, and AirBNB, ultimately making the point that our biggest criteria for evaluation of new technology should not be fit with existing regulatory framework, but rather consumer benefit.

Check out the the full video above and be sure not to miss Pai showing us his lighter side at the end!'

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