Upcoming Webinar: How to Get Your Smart City Funded – Q2 2019 Update

smart city funding webinar

Finding the right funding mechanisms for smart cities can be challenging.

Many city leaders are aware of smart city technologies and are interested in moving forward, but they don’t know how or where to start. Often this is due to lack of available funding and having a well-developed overall tactical plan that empowers cities to develop favorable and mutually beneficial public private partnerships (P3) that encompass multiple industries. Whether a city is considering ESCO models, grants, tax dollars, P3s, additional revenue streams, a combination of all/any of these or other ways of funding a smart city, the science (or art) of putting it all together requires a keen awareness of the market and saavy financial engineering.

City leaders facing these challenges often ask us, “How do I fund this smart city project?” While there are a number of financing models that can and do work, no two smart city projects – and the way they are funded – are exactly the same. Since our last financial engineering webinar last year, Think Big Partners has continued to discover more new models, combination of partners and creative ways to financially engineer a smart city program. On Tuesday, February 19, at 3pm CST, Think Big Partners will host a webinar to share a Q2 2019 update on the latest trends we are seeing when funding a smart city.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Actual case studies on how different cities are getting projects funded
  • Identify the most important assets a city has available for a public-private partnership and understand the values, restrictions and unwritten rules of negotiation for developing P3’s
  • Assess how to the macro and micro economic development impact that smart technologies deliver and how this leads to expanded stakeholder budget participation
  • Understand the role of 5G roll out the financial opportunity, risks and roadblocks to success; including is Neutral Host vs Traditional Service Provider Roll Out
  • How to identify federal dollars available and how to write winning grant proposals to support your city’s smart city plan and its related economic development programs
  • How to avoid making the top 3 mistakes in getting your smart city plan funded – or not funded

It is imperative for cities to understand the new rules that apply to getting their smart city projects funded. Whether a city’s goal is to lower operating costs, modernize infrastructure, improve efficiencies or create new revenue streams, smart technologies must improve the quality of life for all citizens while delivering a measurable return on investment for all stakeholders.

We look forward to you joining us on the live webinar on February 19!

Think Big can help your community identify funding opportunities for your smart city. Read more about how our technology agnostic smart city advisory services can help your city grow smart(er).

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Sarah Fustine is a Partner at Think Big Partners and specializes in workspace advisory, smart city consulting, economic development and innovation districts.

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