Recap: Building Strong Smart City Public-Private Partnerships (P3) that Last

Think Big recently hosted a virtual webinar on how to build strong smart city public-private partnerships (P3) that are valuable to all parties. The video below is the recorded webinar session from December 6.

One of the key takeaways, was the top essential elements you need to consider when creating a public-private partnership for smart city development:

  • Begin with the end
  • Mission Vision and Goals
  • Assets that you have to work with
  • Understand the P3 environment
  • Create a plan to make the P3 work
  • Identify partners in the market
  • Develop a business plan
  • Create the partnership
  • Run it as a program

Read our previous post on global macro trends of public-private partnerships and watch the full webinar with visuals and audio to learn the rest of our tips for Building Strong Smart City Public-Private Partnerships (P3) that Last:

About Sarah Fustine

Sarah Fustine is a Partner at Think Big Partners and specializes in workspace advisory, smart city consulting, economic development and innovation districts.

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