Through innovation, we help entrepreneurs, companies and cities think big by bridging the gap between the need to grow and the ability to execute.

Smart City

Think Big has real world Smart City design, build and implementation experience. We analyze your opportunity to develop public and private partnerships to maximize citizen experience and city success.


Need help building your technology? Entrepreneurs and companies work with our team of product strategist, designers, and engineers to design and develop your next game changing application or solution.

As a Service

A big challenge facing entrepreneurs is the gap between founder skill sets and the ability to execute your business model. We decode the key elements missing from your team and bring essential elements to support your success.


The need to innovate has never been greater. We can help you create the right innovation partnerships, rapidly develop innovation solutions and create an innovation road-map to help you grow.


Innovation districts powered by entrepreneurs, high growth companies and reinvented large employers provide the fuel for economic growth. We help city leaders design, build and launch innovation districts.


Successful workspaces require experience based design to build not only for functionality but inspiration and productivity. It should be paired with a financially profitable plan. Think Big can help you design both.

Meet Our Partners

The Living Lab

The premise of the Kansas City Living Lab is simple. Where a “problem or challenge” exists (or one is anticipated in the future), the lab will seek out the best emerging technology solutions that can be fine-tuned, tested and ultimately validated prior to full scale commercial deployment.

These emerging technologies will come from all over the world. Likely sources will include incubators, accelerators, technology transfer programs and existing companies of all sizes. Additionally, we anticipate identifying promising technologies through citizen groups, coworking spaces, educational institutions (traditional and non-traditional), industry cluster initiatives and more.

Technology commercialization can be costly, labor intensive and slow. Building high value “industrial” internet of things applications that can modernize city infrastructure, lower operational and maintenance costs while increasing efficiency has never been more important. The Living Lab is designed to speed up this technology commercialization process, lower costs and create perfect product-market fit for all stakeholders.

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